Enlisting your body as an ally in healing. Innovative approaches that nurture resilience, resolve trauma and restore goodness.

Somatic Therapy Partners is a group psychotherapy practice in Denver dedicated to using body-based and other leading edge approaches to help you heal from trauma and anxiety.


Ready to heal and move forward in your life? We want that for you too. Somatic Therapy Partners uses a holistic, mind-body approach to helping you heal. Each of our clinicians is trained in a somatic or body-based approach along with how to apply therapeutic touch to support deep healing.

At Somatic Therapy Partners we believe that healing happens with:

  • Trusting that your body as an intelligent, innately powerful and wise ally on your journey leads to a stronger and positive sense of self.
  • Getting your biology back in balance is the key to everything: more joy, more creativity, richer relationships and compassion.
  • Attuned relationships rewire our brains and nervous systems and increase a positive sense of self.

If you’re struggling, please reach out and see how we can help. There is so much love for you here!

Meet the Team



Jenny’s ability to deftly navigate curiosity and self-love, beliefs and identity, and self and body lead to clients feeling safe and rooted. Her somatic education and therapeutic superpowers enable creation of a safe and grounded space for clients while receiving consistent compassion.


Margaret’s training as an integrative somatic psychotherapist and physical therapist creates her unique ability to weave together the physical and emotional aspects of the nervous system. Her skills lead clients to a holistic and deeper understanding of healing from birth trauma and brain injuries.



Maira has devoted the last 10 years of her education and practice to deepening her education of somatic approaches to healing. Through Co-Regulating Touch, a commitment to spiritual growth and embodying compassion, Maira lends hope and strength to clients looking to heal from childhood trauma.

50+ years of combined experience treating trauma and anxiety